TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball
TopspinPro Pickleball

TopspinPro Pickleball

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Ever wished you could take your Pickleball practice beyond the court and onto your own schedule? With TopspinPro for pickleball, now you can!

This innovative tool is tailored to help you perfect one of the toughest strokes - topspin. In just two minutes a day, TopspinPro for pickleball empowers you to master topspin, regardless of your experience level. Even if you've been hitting flat shots for years, prepare to witness a remarkable difference within the first week or two.

Suitable for players of all levels and heights, and effortlessly assembled or dismantled, consider TopspinPro your new secret weapon in training. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced skills with TopspinPro for pickleball

Why does it work? Simply put, TopspinPro helps you work on 3 elements of a successful topspin stroke: angle, spin, and repetition:

  • Racket angle: it has been designed to force what is known as the "windshield wiper" motion. If you watch any pro playing in slow-motion, you will see how they keep the racquet face tilted forward by 10-15 degrees throughout the contact zone. This angle and the steep upwards swing path are the crucial components for a killer topspin
  • Feel of spin: the key difference between hitting with topspin and hitting flat shots is how you make contact. For topspin, you can slide the racquet past the tennis ball to experience exactly what it should feel like. The spinning ball is the feedback that you have done it correctly
  • Train to unlock your muscle memory: the TopspinPro allows you to replicate the exact bio-mechanics needed for topspin groundstrokes. Its simple setup means you can repeat this stroke up to 30 times in a minute


  • Net: 1 kg
  • Gross: 2.9kg

Dimensions (packed): 68 × 27 × 10 cm

Size (assembled):

  • Floor to top: 117 - 134.5cm
  • Floor to ball: 78 - 95cm
  • Foot to foot: ~53cm
    Please refer to the picture for further clarification

Assembly: shipped dismantled. Very simple to assemble or dismantle to minimize storage space

Transport bag: included (bag pack)

Warranty: 1 year (excludes pickleball ball)

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