Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack
Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack

Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack

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Elevate your pickleball game to new heights with Slinger Bag Pickleball: your ultimate training partner designed to revolutionize the way you play! Blending the convenience of a pickleball bag with the innovation of a ball launcher, this all-in-one powerhouse is a game-changer for players of every level.

Engineered by pickleball players for pickleball players, the Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack prioritizes portability, ease of use, and accessibility. Its versatile design ensures you can train on your terms, whenever and wherever you please.

With the ability to practice any shot type at varying speeds, frequencies, and levels of elevation, the Slinger Bag Pickleball adapts to your every need, helping you hone your skills and dominate the court like never before.

Join the revolution and unleash your full potential: grab your Slinger Pickleball Slam Pack today and take your game to the next level!

Included with the Slinger Pickleball Grand Slam Pack:

Slinger Oscillator
Slinger Power Charger
Slinger Remote Control

Slinger Pickleball Tube Collector
Slinger Camera Holder

Technical features:

  • Corner-to-corner horizontal oscillation thanks to its oscillator plate accessory (included)
  • Broad speed range to cater to the needs of all players (10/45 mph - 16/73 km/h)
  • Adjustable topspin or backspin
  • 2-function remote control pause/turn on the feed and activate the oscillation
  • Audio feedback to confirm the reception of remote orders
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery providing 1.5 to 3hrs of court time
  • Battery level indicators using 4 LEDs
  • Removable battery that can be easily swapped to augment your court time


  • Gross: 23kg
  • Net (without accessories, tennis balls, rackets, etc.): 19kg


  • Packaging: 93×44×59 cm
  • Slinger Bag size: 14"x18"x34" (35.6cmx45.7cmx86.4cm) with handle unfolded

Capacity: fully integrated ball compartment that can carry up to 120 balls


  • Lithium-Ion
  • Offer 1.5 to 3 hours of court time
  • Battery level indicated using x4 LEDs on the control panel
  • Time required for full charge: 6 hours

Wheels: 6″ diameter for greater portability

Handle: foldable handle to minimize storage space and facilitate transportation (fits in the boot of most cars)

Elevation: between 10 and 40 degrees, easily adjustable manually using an elevation knob

Ball feed: adjustable, 2 to 7 seconds

Warranty: 2-year local warranty under standard usage conditions. Not transferable, terms and conditions apply - visit our FAQ for more details

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