3.3-Amp Rapid Charger (Recommended by Aktyva)

3.3-Amp Rapid Charger (Recommended by Aktyva)

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Don’t look any further, say hello to our best-seller and best-in-class charger!

The smart charger has it all: while charging your machine in a blink, it also gives you instant visibility of the battery level of your machine thanks to its exclusive charging indicator.

Compatibility: works with any Lobster Elite and Elite Grand models (equipped with a XLR power socket)

Comes with UK plug

Charge indicator: charging status displayed using LEDs

Operating countries: works worldwide (110-240V)

Embedded Electronic protection circuit to prevent from overcharging your Lobster tennis ball machine

Comparison table of indicative charging time:

  • Lobster Basic Charger: 12-24 hours
  • Lobster Fast Charger (1-Amp charger): 6-18 hours
  • Aktyva Rapid Charger (2-Amp charger): 8-13.5 hours
  • Aktyva Smart Charger (3.3-Amp charger): 3-8 hours

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