Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack
Elite 4 Pack

Elite 4 Pack

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Simply described as the "most advanced battery-operated tennis ball machine in the world".

Thanks to its cutting-edge features, you will be playing against an opponent with infinite shot selection: it just doesn't get any more realistic than that! The Elite 4 sophisticated computer software is programmed to determine all possible combinations of speed, trajectory, and spin. The result is a robot that delivers a realistic simulation of match play which will get you match-ready!

All of these world-class features can be controlled by a simple-to-use touch panel (with LCD screen) or a complete remote control giving you full access to your tennis launcher from the other side of the court.
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Included with the Elite 4 Pack:

20-function Remote Control
2-Amp Rapid Charger

Technical features:

  • Fully computerized machine which combines all features all the previous models: horizontal and vertical oscillation, 2-line mode, top/backspin...
  • Full random mode: mixes up court position, ball speed, spin, and trajectory on each shot
  • Speed: from 10 to 80mph
  • Spin: heavy topspin and backspin
  • Complete remote control: allows to control any feature and adjust any setting from the other end of the tennis court
  • 6 pre-programmed drills: grinder, power baseliner, all-courter, moonballer, slicer and lefty


  • Nett: 22 kg
  • Gross: 27 kg


  • Packaging: 80×48×60 cm cm
  • Machine size: 70x40x90cm with handle unfolded


  • Up to 150 tennis balls
  • For greater results, Aktyva highly recommends using pressure-less tennis balls


  • Lead-acid
  • Provides 4 to 8 hours of court time

Wheels: 8″ diameter for greater portability and maneuverability

Handle: foldable handle to minimize storage space and facilitate transportation (fits in the boot of most cars)

Elevation: indicates the elevation angle using a pointer located at the front of the machine

Ball feed: adjustable, from 2 to 12 seconds

Warranty: 2 years, except 1 year on accessories, and 6 months on the battery and server wheels. Not transferable, terms and conditions apply - visit our FAQ for more details

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