2-Amp Rapid Charger

2-Amp Rapid Charger

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The rapid charger offers the best quality and performance for cost.

While charging your machine quickly, it also gives you instant visibility of the battery level of your machine thanks to its exclusive charging indicator!

Compatibility: works with any Lobster Elite and Elite Grand models (equipped with a XLR power socket)

Comes with UK plug

Charge indicator: charging status displayed using LEDs

Operating countries: works worldwide (110-240V)

Embedded Electronic protection circuit to prevent from overcharging your Lobster tennis ball machine

Comparison table of indicative charging time:

  • Lobster Basic Charger: 12-24 hours
  • Lobster Fast Charger (1-Amp charger): 6-18 hours
  • Aktyva Rapid Charger (2-Amp charger): 8-13.5 hours
  • Aktyva Smart Charger (3.3-Amp charger): 3-8 hours

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