We do the hard work and carefully select the best brands from around the world, so you could focus on your game before, during, and after your training sessions on the court!

Our passionate team is continuously searching for the best innovations in tennis and pickleball. We test them, ensure that they meet our quality standards, and deliver them to you with our best-rated customer service.

You will find below an overview of the best brands and products we selected for you.

Exclusive distributor in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Slinger pioneered the first all-in-one portable ball machine. On top of being the easiest machine to operate on the market, the launcher is cleverly embedded in a day-to-day tennis bag that meets the needs of all tennis players. As a new lifestyle product, Slinger Bag enables tennis players to get out on the court and play at any time. Removing the need to find a playing partner, Slinger can be used at a club, local park, on driveways, or in any other available open space. It also offers players the versatility to store all of their tennis gear including racquets, shoes, towels, and accessories. Slinger Bag is a new sports brand focused on delivering game improvement technologies and equipment with an initial focus on tennis. Their product launched in early 2020 and has received widespread critical acclaim. Join thousands of other players from around the world and get yours today here!

Kollectaball is brought to you in Asia by Aktyva.

The most exciting innovation to improve your tennis or pickle balls pickup! Not only fast, but also practical: easy and fun to operate, Kollectaball products are lightweight, transportable, and extremely durable. This makes them the ideal tool for all tennis players and coaches. Within just a few months, their K-Max became the most popular ball collector around the world. It can be operated by players of all levels and is your best support on the court – especially for ball machine owners! Increase your game time, save your back from injuries, and enjoy collecting balls moving forward! Get your K-Max today here.